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Apple's Switch from iTunes to Music and Books

I've been muddling along happily for years playing Audible books using iTunes on my waterproof iPod Shuffle while swimming laps several times a week. Today, I discovered that Apple has unilaterally dispensed with iTunes and divided it up into Music, Books and (I suppose) Quick Time Player. In doing so, they have trashed the functionality of my iPod Shuffle. You can still download books to it, but the iPod controls are now mostly disabled. You can't select individual book chapters anymore, and every time you open a book on your Shuffle, it starts at the beginning of Chapter 1. Now, many of you may not consider this a problem. However, I am a bibliophile, like many others. I want to read/listen to books using the best available technology. Unfortunately, Apple has turned away from giving customers that flexibility. I may very well turn away from Apple and get out of the Apple "ecosystem" I've been in for many years.

Robert Wiley

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