How to convert wmv2 or 3/Windows Media 7, 8 or 9 videos to mp4s?

In the process of updating a lot of video files in prep for upgrading to Catalina, I have encountered several files that do not have an extension on them and will not play in any apps I've tried so far, including IINA, VLC, QTX and QT7Pro. Looking at them with Invisor indicates they are wmv2/Windows Media 7 or wmv3/Windows Media 8 or 9 or other similar combos of numbers. I have tried adding various extensions to the files such as .wmv, .mov, etc without any luck. They also will not convert with UniConverter nor Handbrake. I also have some files that have a .mov extension that won't play and show similar formats when inspected with Invisor. I tried using a trial version of Switch, but it wouldn't play nor convert the files. Does anyone have any suggestions? Would be happy to install Windows in Parallels or Boot Camp if it will allow me to convert these videos and if that's my only option.

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