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iOS13 Broke Car's skip forward function

Has anyone else ran into this issue? I'm pretty sure this is a bug with iOS13

I updated my iPhone 6S from iOS12 to iOS13. Before I updated, my car (2018 Kia Sportage) and iphone worked flawlessly together while using iOS12. Now, immediately after updating to iOS13, my iphone won't recognise the car's skip forward command when playing music.

My iPhone will recognise the car's skip backwards command, seek forwards command, seek backwards command, etc. The only one that doesn't work is the skip forward command. My iphone won't recognise the skip forward command from the car from either the steering wheel button or the stereo button.

It doesn't matter if my iphone is connected over USB or bluetooth; it still won't work.

And yes, I have rebooted my ******* phone. Multiple times.

I already went to apple support, but they're basically blaming the car manufacturer for possibly not being compatible with iOS13. Um shouldn't it be apple's responsibility to not break their own code when they update from iOS12 to iOS13, and ensure that their firmware is compatible with other already existing technologies? Do they really expect people to now update their car's firmware along with their phone's firmware to ensure compatibility? What the **** did they change, and why was it changed?

Anyways, rant over. Anyone else run into a similar issue?

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