MacBook Air

While using my macbook air 2019, the display suddenly turned black and a hairline crack appeared

I just bought macbook air 2019 last two months wishing to use it about 5 years because even my leveno g400s stayed besides me and served me well about 5 years. But guess i wrong. I just opened up my MBA which is on my table and signing in with no error. Then i signed in to play Township and suddenly, the screen turns black. I thought it was bcuz of games error and wait for a while and try to quit the game. But no working but still hearing background sounds played by the game. I became to worry bcuz it was like about 5 minutes that the screen went black. And i try to restart it and i saw a small crack happening at the right side of MBA. I cannot believe that it just happened. What kind of destiny it is? Where that crack comes from and why it affects the whole screen. And i made my relax and try to restart PRAM and NVRAM and everything that other people who had experienced this issues. But no working. Now i have to go to ASP and hopefully i didn’t have to pay for the cost.

can i get apple warranty for that? Does anyone has this issues before.

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