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What to use for external, quiet SSD storage on a late-2013 MacPro with Thunderbolt 2 ports?

I use a cylinder Mac Pro from late 2013 in my recording studio. I got it with all possible RAM and it’s been great. It has little internal storage and 6 now-obsolete Thunderbolt2 ports. I’ve always recorded to a batch of daisy chained external Thunderbolt2 SSDs. I need new drives and I don’t know what to use anymore!  The new external SSD drives I’ve found in the store are not powered, which means the Apple Thunderbolt2 to Thunderbolt3/USB-C adaptor is useless. Using the new Thunderbolt3/USB-C drives via USB is not fast enough for 30 tracks of audio and maybe a film you’re scoring against – plus I'm using all my USB ports already (plus the ones on the Apple cinema display) and have 6 useless Thunderbolt2 ports.  Suggestions for what to use for quiet external SSD storage that doesn’t involve buying another computer? Is there a powered Thunderbolt3/USB-C SSD storage solution out there that I can use with the Apple Thunderbolt2 adaptor? Thank you

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