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Apple ID Error

I have recently changed my Apple ID using the default iCloud email address instead of using third party email address, which to begin with was a joke because I never trusted the third party email I was using. Any who, I was prompted when I made this change that I won't be able to reverse this, which I can live with that. The problem is I am trying to log in to my new two iPhones of different series my old Apple ID still shows specially when I needed to input my password. The password is correct, but the old ID is still showing and there's no way out of changing the Apple user ID so I can associate the password to the newer ID. There's several ways to by pass this but the phone won't allow me to change the ID and only the password. I tried to change the password to appeased the **** thing it won't accept because I am unable to change the user name.

Apple make this easier when prompted or at least have another device approve it! Anyone else have encountered this situation?


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