Macbook USB not emitting enough power?

So I am on a Macbook 12 inch early 2015, running catalina.

I have been using a digital art tablet with it using a multi port adapter since August of this year, with no problems what so ever. Out of nowhere, last week, the tablet just shut down, and not able to be opened again, i get just a glimpse of the tablet name across the screen and its dead again. I know this must sound like a problem with the tablet side, but it is not. I have been in constant contact with the manufacturers of the tablet and I have tried everything and we've come to the conclusion that its a power issue, and thought i'd post on here on a last ditch effort of anybody helping me understand why out of nowhere it would just stop working.

Is my multi-port gone to crap? is there something I can do?

Oh yeah, I tried my tablet on a PC and it worked no problem.

Please help!

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