Third part cookies not working in latest safari after mac os catalina update

After updating the latest os catalina , my web application is stopped working .

My web application is making use of third party cookies. We have few api calls to other domains which supports cors .

The first api call to other domain will receive cookies as response in set cookie header, after the first call the browser will attach the cookies in consecutive api calls.

Previously we had issue with safari browser, so as a workaround we will unselect the prevent cross-site tracking under safari-preferences-privacy.

But now after the latest mac OS catalina , even when you unselect the check box the consecutive api calls are not getting the cookies attached.

I can reproduce the issue in below scenarios

  • safe mode
  • other admin user account
  • without using any vpn
  • without using anti-virus software
  • Proxy is not enabled

I can see this issue only when i updated my mac os catalina .

I see some of the other users also raised the same issue, updated below for reference

Kindly any one help on this ?



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