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Trouble adding songs to iPod Classic 160GB


Today I was trying to put a 4CD album on my 160GB iPod Classic. It was 554.1 MB worth of songs and I have 6.09 GB of space left on the iPod. At first I highlighted all of the songs and dragged them over (I put everything on my iPod manually), and at first all of them appeared to go on the iPod. When it got to the last song, the wheel came up on my computer and nothing happened. It wouldn't finish putting the last song on the iPod. This happened no matter how many songs I tried to move over. I tried one disc at a time, it still got stuck on the last song. Then I tried to move one song over at a time and it got stuck on the first song I tried to move over like that. I restarted the computer, still the same thing.

Any ideas on how to fix this or has my iPod Classic sung it's last hurrah?

Thanks in advance!

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