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Uploaded & Scanned Images Not Showing Up in Notes

I have recently noticed that some of my scanned images as well as uploaded photos attached in the Notes are not showing up within the notes itself. They appear to be in constant scanning or Downloading Attachment sequence mode that seems to not do anything at all. I've noticed this after updating to the latest OS Catalina 10.15. I have checked through out different apple mobile devices, iPhone (Xs Max), iPad and it's doing the same thing.

I have maxed out my allotted iCloud non-subscription space, which can only be the logical reason I am guessing which is why this is happening. Some photos are showing, but some scanned images using different iPhones in the same note are missing or still downloading could this perhaps have been deleted in the phone itself? I assumed that these notes are saved in the iCloud which is why they all show up across my Apple devices.

It's really bad that Apple suspends all my owned data I scanned and uploaded because I need more space. These were saved before I ran out of space and no data have been pushed now pending an upgrade to iCloud subscription. New data added to Notes are only saved from the original device and do not appear across devices. Asking questions whether this is an isolated upgrade bug. Some of these scanned images are important and I'd like them to appear when I need them even if I have not upgraded to more iCloud space. It's frustrating to say the lease.

—EdwinUploaded & Scanned Images Not Showing Up in Notes

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