Mac OS X v10.7 Lion

Recover Installation and f##ing Two Step Verification

So, lately I'v decided to reinstall my old MacBook Pro 2011. New SSD disk, coming + R, bla bla bla. and I'v stuck after enter your Apple ID. every time I used my CORRECT password it says WRONG, because this fu#in Two Step verification activated. I've tried to go to and switch this **** stuff off. AND WOWO WOW surprise, Its impossible. Now I'd like to hear some adequate explanation WHY I CANNOR SWITHC OFF SOMETHING IF I WONT USE IT. and second HOW SHOULD I INSTALL NEW OS if I CANNOT SWITCH OFF THIS BLOODY S#IT

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Apple please let us update our legally owned and expensive Mac OS X Server v10.2 upto and including v10.16 Server v10.16 licences.


Macbook Pro restore issue


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