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Mac OS Catalina for iPod Classic (a review/plea)

Dear Apple and community,

I’m gravely disheartened by the new Mac OS Catalina update, and it’s relatively impossible function for iPod Classic users. Like many of us in the music community, we’ve relied on Apple to provide top of the line standards and premier music listening for our devices. Sadly, I find this is no longer true. With the eradication of iTunes and the red carpet for Apple Music, the new adjustments spared no room for the iPod, and made little things as simple as syncing a new album a four step process, instead of one. There’s no option to adjust or remove playlists from the device. The clumsy two window finder feels more like a blanket to hide the incapabilities rather than a closer inspection of the device to alter settings. Upon making any adjustments to the iPod library you have to erase the device completely and resync the files. And perhaps most insulting of all, Catalina denies the option to download a backdated version of iTunes. Instead of entertaining options, Apple Music shoves you into a subscription service and completely ignores or respect what it means to save music. It’s obscene.

Apple takes steps. Apple takes leaps. As a proud and loyal customer I’ve always taken pride in that. Like many others, I believe Apple is a company that not only changes the world but in a way develops it. 30,000 songs in my back pocket isn’t just a niche, or some pretentious collectible for a yuppy fifty years down the line. It’s a legacy. Something I plan on passing down to my son. And God willing his kids too. Music is so much more than advertising. At its core it’s always been about memories. Allowing you to feel something. It connects people. With Apple Music the only thing I feel is frustration, and the only thing I’m connected to is my Mac book pro.

While I’m excited Apple’s evolved from scroll wheels to touch screens, I have no desire to follow the community into this direction unless they address these issues.

Here’s to hoping they get the memo.


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