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Recurring monthly payments on Apple Card? Question marked as solved ★ Latest reply  by  welafever Latest update on the question 1 reply 26 views asked by  Fortyniner1340 User profile for user: Jbizarro Jbizarro User level: Level 1 Does Apple Card raise my credit score? Question marked as helpful ★ Latest reply  by  welafever Latest update on the question 3 replies 56 views asked by  Jbizarro User profile for user: btm5540 btm5540 User level: Level 1 Help Using Apple Store Gift Card Online And/Or In The App

Can I use the Apple Credit Card for recurring payments like Directv, AT&T wireless, propane delivery?

Is there a "number" that the merchant would keep on file to bill their monthly charges to my Apple Credit Card Account?

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