All Reminders "lists" not syncing on iCloud.com (from iOS13 and macOS Catalina)

The reminders lists I have on iOS13 and macOS Catalina, are not visible on iCloud.com.

On my devices, I have 12 lists in the reminders app, but when I open icloud.com in the browser I see only 4 lists. (FYI, the lists are not shared with anyone.)

  • Also any changes I do to the 4 lists, get synced with icloud.com immediately. So that is there, but the other lists don't show up at all.
  • And originally, I had 5 lists visible. But I deleted the 5th one on my iPhone to see if the 6th one shifts up and starts showing up on icloud.com (replacing the previous 5th one), but instead the lists reduced to 4.
  • Other than icloud.com, the reminders in all my 12 lists are syncing across my iphone and macbook smoothly.

Any idea why this is happening and how to fix this?

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