iCloud on my Mac

“This Mac can’t connect to iCloud because of a problem with “my email address” pops up relentlessly

MacBook Pro, Mojave 10.14.6 since Dec. 2018. It’s been rock solid. About a month ago the following pop-up began appearing relentlessly:

“This Mac can’t connect to iCloud because of a problem with “my email address”

So, I hit the iCloud Preferences link where I’m prompted to:

icloud prferences:

“Enter Apple ID password”

I manually enter my password, hit “next.” and:

“Your Apple Id or password is incorrect”

(bearing in mind that my Apple ID is my email address, shown correctly in the window.

Now I hit the  “Forgot Password”? link and get a window with the header “Enter your Apple ID to continue:

Interestingly, my Apple ID (email address) is already entered–So I hit “continue.”

Which goes to a new window “Select how you want to set your password. 

I click “Reset By Email” and hit “continue.”

Which opens the window indicating the Reset Email Sent.

Sure enough–I get the email with the link “Reset Now>.” Which I hit, and which takes me to the page “NEW APPLE PASSWORD.” So, I make-up a new password, type it in, confirm it, and move on to a new window with the news, “Password Changed.”  I hit “Go to Account,” and we go right to my account. It’s magic … until the pop-up just starts popping up again (like mushrooms) 

I’ve run Clean My Mac 3, and AVG AntiVirus, coming up clean.

I’ve safe started the machine. Oh, and I’ve smoked a spliff or two to calm down.

I’ve gone through the motions a dozen times with the same result (which is one definition of insanity).

I haven’t loaded any new apps––I’ve only upgraded Firefox. Three multiple choice questions: 

1. Can I (meaning just me) resolve this without being a sorcerer? 

2. Do I take the Mac to the shop? 

3. Would a 20 gauge shotgun resolve this issue as effectively as 12 gauge at close range? 

Thanks guys!

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