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Hello I can connect my airpod pros both to my iphone AND to my macbook pro. Please do not give me advice on how to pair. The problem is KEEPING that pairing. With the iphone there is no problem. With the MacBook Pro they constantly switch, particularly in a Zoom call. I will be in the middle of a conversation and the Mac will switch back to default speakers from my airpod pros. I have to go into bluetooth on the Mac (which shows them still paired) and toggle off and back on. Sometimes this lasts for a few minutes. Sometimes it lasts 30 seconds. It seems the airpod pro connection can be "disturbed" by background processes running on the Mac. For example I have 2 screens (mac book pro + extra monitor) and shifting apps between those or clicking on different screens seems to be an issue. Has anyone found this? It is a huge problem with Zoom in particular.

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