iCloud on my iOS device

iPhone to iCloud sync problems

I am trying to organize my photos on my phone into albums and delete unnecessary photos. I wanted this to also organize my iCloud at the same time. I realized my iCloud storage was full so I paid to get more and backed up my phone. It still wouldn’t sync new albums or delete pics also on iCloud. After 3 days of trying I gave up. A week later logged into iCloud and all was finally synced! If I deleted a pic from my phone it instantly deleted from I cloud and vise versa! A few days later I logged onto iCloud again to organize more to see it is once more no longer syncing. I still have a ton of storage space left. I have turned I cloud storage I and off and restarted my phone. I have shut off the back up and turned it back on still nothing. I have watched so many tutorials on I cloud and syncing and it seems like everything is on correctly. It does however upload new pics I take right away! But will not let me delete or organize existing ones on both at the same time.

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