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Why does apple not tell the full truth about compressing video's using iCloud Photo's??????

They say they don't compress video's or photo's and that the full files are stored in iCloud and THE FULL version c an be accessed on any device…..they failed to mention that the video's are so highly compressed they look like terrible on my nice new Apple TV 4K (and an Apple TV 4th gen). The video was taken in 4k….looks GREAT on YouTube and google photo, but like dog *hit on Apple TV. Even 1080p looks crappy .

Calling apple support was of absolutely no help. Video looks even worse when viewing it on my MacBook Pro via iCloud on safari. If they have to compress it, can't they use something that is even close to Youtube, a company they could buy with their spare pocket change? What is the point of me paying $10 a month for so much storage if they're going to compress everything anyway?

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