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"An error occured during activation. Try again" Problem with iMessage and FaceTime

I keep on getting this error message on my 13 inch Macbook Pro Retina Display (Mid 2014 Model), running 10.14.6 Mojave.

"Could not sign into iMessage"

"An error occured during activation. Try again"

This error message is coming up whenever I try to sign in to my Apple ID on iMessage and FaceTime. I was having similar problems with my old same Macbook Pro (2 years older late 2012 I think), but it randomly worked and logged in when I kept trying.

I have seen other posts online, articles and things like that suggesting all sorts of ideas like resetting NVRAM, all sorts of combinations of restarting the laptop, signing out and signing in to iCloud. but nothing has seemed to work for the past two days.

Is there any other way, or like a confirmed process to go through?


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