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Logic Pro X Crashing! – Bluetooth Issue (RFI)

This is really disgraceful Apple! Your new Mac OS is causing a lot of musicians and producers to lose money. And as a company you all haven't even acknowledged or addressed the issue. I never meant to update to Catalina, because I know how Apple updates are, and ever since I accidentally did, I have not been able to use Logic Pro X.

I can't even drag and drop a 4kb .wav file into the program. The program freezes and becomes unresponsive immediately, and I have to force quit. Also I have to be careful of what I click on or the program will freeze and I'll have to force quit it! I did trouble shooting (cleaned the cache, created more storage, uninstalled/reinstalled both Logic and Catalina) that didn't work!

I even backed up and wiped my entire drive, and reinstalled just Logic and the sound library, and it's still giving me the same issue. Apple needs to address this issue, or create a patch to fix this issue because it's really annoying for me not to be able to make music anymore.

Another issue is with the Bluetooth. Sometimes it'll connect, then immediately disconnect, or a lot of times when watching a video or listening to music, there will be a lot of RFI (static)

I've lost faith in Apple as a company. They release the same products year after year, their software doesn't really improve, and they're not innovative in their designs, UI, and features anymore.

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