(WARNING) So…is APPLE INC scamming me? It sure feels that way.

On Feb 3, 2020 I placed an order for a custom 5K iMac for $4680 (I tend to buy them pretty maxed out). I was able to pick it up at the Apple Store on the 13th. (nice) Then I spent 6 hours transferring my stuff….was about to launch FCP and I wanted to check the specs.

iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019)

Hmmmm….I'm like ***? Why did I spend all this money for a custom iMac that is one year old they day I turn it on? The more I think about this the more it annoys me. I call AppleCare and discover it is not a mistake and they can't fix.

Hmm if there was ever to ask for an immediate escalation…this was it. Together we explore that NOWHERE on the site, the invoice, ANYWHERE does it say the truth.

Can you imagine this happened when you purchased a car in 2020? Me either.

So my question is simple? Can you turn my 2020 iMac's about me to say its a 2020 iMac? I should I return it to the store where I picked it up? Please advise.

And one more thing. Could you please inform us poor customers about how you are not pointing out that you are selling last years inventory this year with no disclosure what so ever?

This…this is the new Apple. Go ahead, look at my account now….(Apple rep goes "****…this dude must really love Apple? This nut has spent a lot cheddar with us…" ……


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