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Macbook Pro is randomly rebooting

Just received an Early 2011 MBP from a family member who never used it. It appears to be in great shape and is an upgrade from my current 2010 MBP.

I picked up a 1tb SSD from Bestbuy yesterday, installed Mac OS High Sierra, 16 gigs of ram (Corsair Apple Certified 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3 1333 MHz (PC3 10600) then used the Migration Assistant to move files from my 2010 to the 2011.

After the migration I scanned through everything, opened up multiple programs and everything worked beautifully. I then plugged in my Thunderbolt connection and docked the MBP so that it would display to my 27" monitor, as I have always done with my 2010, then about 5 minutes later it started rebooting randomly.

I tried to do the SMC and PRAM reset. It works for roughly 15 minutes then does the reboot once again.

I'll also add that if I unplug the power connector the computer dies instantly. This was true through all circumstances, IE: before the SSD upgrade, ram etc. The battery in the MBP is completely shot, would that be the sole reason for my reboots?

Any advice is appreciated. I would like to get this thing running like normal.

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