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Airpods pro – SteveJobs would have fired the product team

My airpods pro are indispensable but #stevejobs would’ve rightly fired the design team!

They are changing our lives and as such they fail to understand their purpose of wearables being always connected

How could Apple not include a gesture for Pausing the media playing and ensuring transparency mode is on so we don’t need to remove them from our ears after fumbling in confusion to listen to the world or a speaker. It requries a smooth immediate gesture as we can see can be tecnnically done ,and one that allows a wearer to pause Airpods pro and listen to the world without trying to think what mode they are in and what they need to get to as it never works from being lost in media to needing to abruptly pulling one self out of it.

Shortcuts are proving to be inadequate, as the widget on screen is not readily on hand, and Siri shortcuts would be the great but and the delay would almost be a bearable problem but thus far 50% of my third party apps done recognise any pause command and any listener might be on any app randomly

I note there is no firmware upgrade path thus i would be frustrated if apple touted it as the great new feature in airpods pro 2 for another $400. It is a core requirement of the entire product viability and to not include it as sony does in their over air nosecancelling headphones (i think its called quick attention mode or quick listen mode ) is a major apple fail.

Does anyone have a solution they can think of that would work even for siri shorcuts with all third party apps ( for example try a shortcut to pause media and turn on transparency. It works with apple music, and podcasts and spotify but then fails with overcast podcast app and AUDM just to mention a few i have tried. In those cases it pauses temporarily, turns on transparency and then starts media playing again) . While siri voice shortcut suffers a delay it would be at least tolerable if it worked universally.

i am not a coder thus maybe soemthing in shortcuts could help an app like overcast pause like others do?

Help??? any ideas on any of the issues raised

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