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eSim providers for Greece

Hello to the community and to all the apple-lovers around the globe.

I have a simple question and I wonder if apple can give some hopes.

Here in Greece COSMOTE provider gave to us the esim for the new iPhones and some iPads too. But there are lot of people (and I mean seriously a lot of people) who have purchased a cellular iwatch with the hope that we can use it properly. But even until today we have seen nothing and we are disappointed for this unavailability of our country.

can apple respond to the question if there are posibilites for us to use the cellular in the near future? If not we can still sell our products to users of countries that have the luck to use them right.

thanks a lot my friends and apple.

(the actual topic is just a question ,not a complaint. I love my Apple Watch like nothing and I suggest to everyone ,if can ,to buy one)

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