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iPad unable to activate and unable to connect to itunes.

I have a pretty annoying problem here. I updated to the latest OS (13.3 I think), and on the Hello screen I am now up to the point where it is activating. However this does not work. It says the servers are not working. So I connect to my computer and iTunes will not connect to my iPad. However, my computer does recognize it.

The error is "itunes could not connect to the device because an invalid response was received from the device".

I have tried the following:

  1. Many hard reboots of the iPad
  2. Connected using different cables
  3. Connected using different ports
  4. Connected using a different computer
  5. Deleting the 'Lockdown' file.
  6. Hard Reinstalling iTunes and it's components (many versions of it as well).

So I seriously do not know what other options there are considering iTunes is not working. So clearly the issue is on my device's end, not iTunes.

Also note that my device is not jailbroken.

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