iCloud on my Mac

I signed into iCloud on an old device, now it seems iCloud has been mirrored to that devices content. How do I get everything back?

Here is the story, I recently changed the password and email address of my Apple ID. Then on one of my MacBook Airs, I made a lot of changes to photos, contacts and iCloud files. While in this process, I also entered the new credentials on my iPhone and iPad and everything seemed to go smoothly.

Yesterday I signed in on an older MacBook Air, and had to re-sign in to iCloud, but something weird happened. It seemed like nothing got fully updated. In photos, not all People that that I recently had fixed on the new MacBook Air got transferred over, my files in iCloud Drive also didn't look the same, and my Contact Card suddenly changed on all my devices, to the old version stored on this old MacBook. The same happened for names on Mail accounts stored. Also, when I look in iCloud Drive now, there are no Recently deleted files in some of the folders I know I've deleted files in.

It just seemed like iCloud had bugged out, so I created a new local admin account on the old MacBook Air, logged into that account and deleted the previous account and then signed into with my Apple ID. I also left the MacBook Air running over night to pull everything from iCloud.

Today it has not finished the update, and it seems that there a a lot of inconsistencies and a lot of files and items are missing (not everything).

My previous changes explained earlier all got distributed to the iPhone and iPad, and I checked this prior to signing in to the old MacBook Air.

What can I do here? I don't know what version of my files, nor do I know which of my photos are intact. I don't see a snapshot feature for iCloud anywhere either. I would like to revert iCloud back to how it was before I signed in to the old MacBook Air, how can I do that?

And why did the old My Card on the old MacBook Air get pushed to all my devices?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out here.

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