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CEC Error with BRAVIA + Teufel Cinebar 52 THX

I do have the problem that whenever I turn on my Apple TV 4K, which also turns on Sony BRAVIA TV (X900F) and soundbar (Teufel Cinebar 52 THX) via CEC, the input is automatically switched to the soundbar (on HDMI3) instead of the Apple TV 4K (on HDMI2).

I took the time and debugged the CEC communication from a BRAVIA point of view…

Wiring Schema

 __________________          ____________
| BRAVIA     HDMI1 |_       |            |
| X9005F     HDMI2 |________| AppleTV 4K |
|        HDMI3/ARC |____    |____________|
|            HDMI4 |_   |    ____________
|__________________|    |___|   Teufel   |
                            | Cinebar 52 |

The soundbar is only acting as ARC audio output device as its HDMI switch does not support 4K HDR (HDMI 1.4 only). So all HDMI inputs of the soundbar are not being used.

(Please consider that the problem only occurs when the BRAVIA is turned on from deep sleep which it does not immediately enter after turning it off.)

Please read on in the next posting for a detailed analysis of the CEC communication…

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