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Battery discharge: 35% to zero instantly

I’ve spent hours on the phone with Apple Support. I’ve done every troubleshooting step possible. I’ve been told three times that diagnostics on my watch were 100% normal.

History: I bought my S4 in May 2019 with a new iPhone XR from the Apple Store in Houston.

The issue is this: When my watch hits 35% battery life, it completely discharges and goes into power reserve mode.

My situation is complicated because I live in Peru and only go back to the States once a year. I had an Genius Bar appointment in January, during my visit to Seattle, but cancelled because Apple Support told me, “I’d be charged to have my watch checked out since the diagnostics showed no issues.”

This week alone I’ve wasted three plus hours on the phone getting told sorry, nothing we can do for you. It’s fascinating that a global company like Apple can’t and won’t support international customers like myself. They claim not to sell their products here but have Apple authorized resellers. iPhones are sold through the big three cellular providers here. Obviously they must service those customers. I have always bought AppleCare+ and am super displeased.

Complicating matters is the fact that the ECG function is not supported here and I was only able to activate it a few weeks ago during my visit to Seattle.

I have videos of it happening and it is not random, but every single time it reaches 35%!!

Any suggestions appreciated. Apple Support has been utterly useless.

Battery discharge: 35% to zero instantly Battery discharge: 35% to zero instantlyBattery discharge: 35% to zero instantly

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