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BUG: Flagged emails (Gmail) do not show in smart mailboxes (macOS Catalina 10.15.2)

Very weird behavior in Mail after upgrading from Mojave to Catalina v2:

Flagged email from Gmail accounts (inboxes) do not show up in a smart mailbox. Actually, some do show (those that are more than 4 years old). The smart mailbox is configured to display all emails of a specific inbox and emails that are flagged.

  • nothing changes if the smart filter is set to a particular colored flag, instead of just "flagged"
  • emails show correctly in the automatic "Flagged" folders in Mail !
  • turning spotlight indexing off, erasing index, and turning it on again for rebuilding did NOT help (mdutil command)
  • any email that is flagged and manually viewed, just by clicking it, starts showing up in the smart mailbox afterwards; persistent after Mail quit and launch
  • Only happens for Gmail accounts

This really looks like a fat bug in Mail, not an indexing issue. Why would a smart mailbox change content just because I am viewing emails…. ugh

If anybody has a clue about how to fix this, w/o having to view each and every flagged email, please post here.

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