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Apple TV+ issues on low-bandwidth connection

Tried to watch ATV+ last night, with abysmal results:

. Constant buffering delays (every 1-3 minutes)

. Streaming stopped 18:40 into a show (“having problems accessing content”). ATV+ did NOT remember where the streaming failed, leaving me only the option to manually advance 10 seconds at a time (with more buffering delays!) back to where it had stopped previously.

We are (regrettably) on CenturyLink DSL (no other viable options in our little town). We can generally stream NetFlix and Prime successfully; this is first time we’ve tried ATV+ here.

Apple should do better with low-bandwidth connections. Specifically:

. Degrade the image (pixelate it); ATV+ appeared not to do this.

. Please, please, please remember the relative viewing position when the stream drops!!!

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