iMac 2011 i7

Hi everyone

Seeking some help I recently purchased a imac 27inch 2011 i7 mac when I recived it ,it had Catalina installed but graphics were crap and really slug ish I went to perform a reformat and that's when the problems begain , I couldn't access boot menu from internet recovery and also a usb stick boot it would get half way then go to a dark grey screen I removed some ram as it had mix match ram inside and left 1 stick of samsung 8GB ram in the mac I manged to get to the disk utility and reformatted my drive and re installed high Sierra then the mac performed an update then crashed again so went to perform all the same steps again and now cant even get to the boot menu for disk utility just gets half way and a grey screen in removed the hard drive and reformatted that I also tried another hdd no luck I have tried all ram slots and lower ram I'm out of ideas

Thanks in advanced

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