macOS Catalina

Mojave – Catalina (from an old pb to a new one)

I recently upgraded to a new computer and need to figure out a few work arounds for migrating some things over. I tried to do a resort from time machine when I started this process but that was a nightmare and a lot of my software was not running. Regardless of the 32bit vs 64bit. It was just a mess. So from scratch I've managed to get everything up and running with clean installs on my new 16' running 10.15.3. The old PB is a running 10.14.6 (18G3020)

Moving Mailboxes #1

I've been able to get most of my stored mail (on the internal drive) on the older machine over but I have roughly 2-300 mailboxes stored on the old machine I can't seem to move. I've tried exporting mailboxes and moving them to the 16 to import but after hour(s) of it some of them don't import, some are missing and some of the messages are garbled and don't resemble their original state.

Messages vs ichats #2

On my 13' running 10.14 iChats are stored in Documents/iChats

If I want to transfer these over where would I drop them in 10.15. It looks like the new OS now stores them in the Library/Messages. If I just drop 2gb of data in that folder with the Messages app index it and have access to it so when I start a new conversation with someone I've already talked with I can see the previous messages with him/her?

Greatly appreciate any help.



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