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can I change Apple ID while still having apps from old one? Question marked as solved ★ Latest reply  by  Eric Root Latest update on the question 2 replies 8 views asked by  ld0ntkn0w User profile for user: KReck5 KReck5 User level: Level 1 Deactivated my acct Apple/Itunes

My phone is connected to my brothers icloud and apple id account because I didnt want to buy new apps when he has some that he bought on his App Store acount. So my question is can I change my apple id and icloud while still having all the apps from his account or like can I change the Apple ID for everything except the AppStore? I don’t want my phone to lose all its apps if I change the account that my phone is connected to from when I set it up. I want to change it because sometimes contacts come from each others phone and we get reminders from each other and soon I might get an Apple Watch so I don’t want the synced account to mess with that.

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