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AppleTV kills my internet connection

I have a Motorola MG7700 Cable Modem/Router/WiFi connected to COX. I connect to the AppleTV (an older model) using the WiFi 5G option and get connection speeds (using the AppleTV Speed Test App) of over 150 mbps. The AppleTV often works, but almost always ends up crashing my Motorola Cable Modem, causing modem errors "DHCP WARNING – Non-critical field invalid in response" and "TLV-11 – unrecognized OID". All connected devices, including my Ring security system and iPhone loose Internet. Sometimes it crashes mid-movie, other times after I stop watching. I use the Remote App on my iPhone, and it is often intermittent. The AppleTV also gets into modes where it refuses to see my home sharing. I need to repeatedly restart my Cable Modem for sharing to resume working (the AppleTV just doesn't see my computer). Only one of my AppleTV appears to cause this problem, and no other device connected to WiFi seems to cause this problem.

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