Apple Music on Windows

Computer not authorized to play

I bought and downloaded 3 albums. 21 out of the 38 songs will not play because it gives me the error that this computer is not authorized to play them. I clicked on the authorize this computer, punched in my password, got the authorization, and then when I go back to play it tells me the same thing all over again. It's stuck on a loop. I was going through 1 by 1 removing download and downloaded each one again and this was working until I got the 10th one and remove download was no longer an option. It refused to comeback. I tried on this song to remove from library and go back into the store to download but the albums don't even show up in my bought section?!? Furthermore, when I go to my library and get it to show that song it now tells me it's $1.29!!! But, if I search on the store for that album it tells me I purchased it but does not give me an option to download it again. I have 11 other songs beyond this one (for a total of 12) that I bought and cannot play. The remove download option just stop appearing. I closed iTunes and reopened it and it still does not show as an option. What am I supposed to do?

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