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Shuffle is always on on my ipod touch 6 running ios 12.4.4 Question marked as solved ★ Latest reply  by  Roam Redway Latest update on the question 1 reply 4 views asked by  Roam Redway User profile for user: chama129 chama129 User level: Level 1 Apple Music

I have an iPod Touch 6. I'm running ios 12.4.4. "Shuffle" is always on. Doesn't matter if I'm listening to a playlist or an album. Nothing changes when I try to toggle "Shuffle;" it just advances the music to the next randomly shuffled song. I've looked at several suggestions to solve this. I am unable to find any "Up Next" options like I can with my other iOS devices. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the Music app but that didn't make a difference. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

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