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Problem with Mac Pro 2019: Pro XDR Display going black while using Xcode

Has anyone had the problem of the Pro XDR Display shutting off while working in Xcode? If so, have you found a solution?

If I open Xcode, and then open a project (Specifically a macOS SwiftUI project) the XDR Display will just shut off. The computer does not crash but the display goes black. There's nothing I can do to get it to turn back on. I can screen share from another computer, and that comes up with as if it was displaying the UI. I can interact with it and work as normal. I took screen shots of the system information and it still shows the display as connected, but it is not available in System Preferences:Displays.

Anyone else having this issue or something similar?

Please let me know,



Sometimes when this happens, even if I restart the machine it won't turn the display on.

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