macOS Mojave

Can't open undeleted email

I have a late 2012 iMac, a mid-2013 MacBook Air, and a mid-2015 MacBook Pro, all running Mojave.

This issue only occurs on the iMac: I'm looking at a list of email messages in the inbox. If I hit the 'delete' key to delete an email message out of my inbox list, and then change my mind, I can do a command-z to undelete and the message reappears in the list (as it should). But if I try to open the message it's just a blank window, no content. But if I quit out of and then reopen, I can then click on the message to read it. Seems like a weird caching problem.

This does not happen with the MacBooks, and it never occurred on any of the machines when I was running El Capitan.

Anyone have any ideas what's causing this?

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