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Good day.

I wanted to ask you, how can I take normal pictures? I’m doing a project, that supposed to be done only by an iPhone. The idea is to prove how good the IPhone camera is, but it’s not quite as good as I thought so… every single time I try to take a close photo of some clothes, the picture does not transmits the right color. Every photo is so yellowish.

I’ve tried a lot but as only I focus closer only on the blazer it loses it’s real shade.

its the same light on both photos. I’ve tried to stand in deferent angles, to move the blazer, to move the light, to shoot on a white background, to change the laminate, to stuff different objects in the view (thought maybe the camera would focus more on its shades but no.), to change to other clothes, change the brightness of the light AND STILL, NOTHING!

Tell me please, is there something I can do with this? Why on Earth when I try to focus on what I need, it turns out so ugly?


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