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Syncing issues with Google Calendar


I have a problem with Google Calendar on my Apple devices.

Those are: iPhone XR (13.3.1), iPad Air 3. gen. (13.3.1) and Apple Watch Series 4 (6.1.2)

Google Calendar events do not sync with my iPhone or iPad unless these events are created on my iPhone or iPad. I'm using a modular watch face which shows my next appointment/event.

If I log in to my Google Calendar from a Windows laptop or my Android work phone to create or edit existing entries, my Apple devices will not be updated what so ever. Not even after several hours. I have to manually launch the iOS calendar app on my iPhone or iPad in order to get an updated calendar and notifications and when I do that, the calendar is updated instantly.

Here's an example:

I launch the calendar app on my iphone at 9 AM. Create new event today at 8.30 PM – Title: Pick up Sarah at the airport.

Watch is showing: 8.30 PM Pick up Sarah at the airport. (Correct)

At 11 AM I log in to my Google Calendar from my Windows laptop to edit the 'Sarah' event. I change the time to 6:45 PM

Watch is showing: 8.30 PM Pick up Sarah at the Airport (Wrong)

At 3 PM (4 hours later) watch is still showing: 8.30 PM Pick up Sarah at the airport (Wrong)

At 3:01 PM I launch the iOS Calendar on my iPhone and the calendar is instantly updated.

Watch is showing: 6:45 PM Pick up Sarah at the airport (Correct)

Is it possible to get the Google Calendar to update automatically in the background so I don't have to do it manually on a regular basis and if so, how?

I have tried to delete my Google account on my iPhone and iPad and set it up again but the problem remains. I have also tried different 'Fetch' settings and none of these solve the problem.

I have created a Microsoft Outlook account just to see how the calendar works with iOS and Apple Watch and it works absolutely great. So the obvious solution to my problem is…. just use the Outlook Calendar. Case closed, what's next? 🙂

There's a catch. I have a couple of Google Home speakers including the Nest Hub and sometimes I use the Google voice assistant to create new calendar events, but sadly Google Assistant is not compatible with Outlook or iCloud calendars.

I am willing to ditch the Google Calendar and use Outlook instead even if it means the end of "Hey Google.." A well-working calendar between different platforms is much more important to me than being able to use a digital voice assistant.

Is there a solution to this problem with Google Calendar not syncing with iOS automatically or is it "Bye Google…"?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Have a wonderful day.

Kind regards,

Lasse Andersen, Denmark.

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