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apple pencil compatible outline app?

Hello, I’ve been searching for an outline app that will work with Apple Pencil and after years still haven’t found one. I own every handwriting notebook in the store; notability, Noteshelf 1 and +2, penultimate, Good notes etc.

I know that with determination I can use Pages, OneNote, Apple notes etc, to make an outline but none of those are made for outlines or convert my writing into outline form with indentations.

The outline apps I’ve found don’t work with A.Pencil. And Most other A.Pencil apps are geared toward drawing with only basic handwriting.

Even if Todo lists were compatible, they’re only good if I already know what todo. They’re no help with planning steps to a job I keep putting off because I don’t know where to start. I need a simple outline app to break a job down into manageable steps (tasks). As mentioned, the Omni apps that will do this Don’t work with Apple Pencil.

I know it CAN be done, with determination in Notes or Pages but I want a Simple app that lets me –

  1. use Apple Pencil or microphone to list the stream of ideas running through my head,
  2. use Apple Pencil to group (drag/drop) the ideas, according to the job they relate to
  3. use Apple Pencil to annotate and organize the order of steps needed to complete the job.

A simple template with existing indented blanks might work. Or swipes to index? But I want an app that needs no formatting (like Reminders).

Apparently this is a lot to ask. It’s easier to find an overly complicated app than a simple one. So after years of searching, I’m reaching out to the community in the hope that someone has a recommendation.

thanks! (Fingers crossed, Apple Pencil at the ready)

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