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There is no hardware Esc key on my overpriced new MacBook Pro.

I have a Mac Book Pro 15-inch 2019 running Catalina — Just got it. Generally the computer is good but there are a couple of things that are VERY annoying.

1) There is no proper escape key (it's a software key, very odd). As a developer I use the escape key a LOT. Strangely they have replaced the top left hardware key with a totally useless key (it has a cross with a line underneath and two overlapping S characters, see below) … It would be perfect if I could use this as the Esc key. Is it possible? To be clear I don't want to map my Caps Lock key to Esc or anything silly like that.

2) The Return key is very small. As one of the keys used THE MOST it should really have been kept as it was, as a large key.

3) The touch-pad has a cheap aluminium sound, like when you 'pop' a soda can, the old ones were much better.

That's all for now. I realise there's not much that can be done for 2 & 3, that's more for people at Apple to think about.

I'm very much hoping someone comes back on 1, because at $4,242 I was kind of hoping for a proper Esc key.


There is no hardware Esc key on my overpriced new MacBook Pro...

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