From my iMac, the Document Folder's content on my network connected MacBook not shown

My iMac and MacBook Pro are both connected to my local network. Both have Catalina OS. From my iMac Finder window I see my MBP on the Locations side pane window. I connect to my MBP as a Registered user (user exist on the MBP), which by the way is also the same user on my iMac

I do all the following from a Finder window on my iMac

From the iMac Finder window, I see all my folders on my MBP (Applications, Desktop, Documents, etc..) . However when opening the Documents Folder for my MBP (via the iMac Finder window) I get a message that I do not have permissions. The same goes when trying to access the Downloads Folder.

I do a Get Info on the Documents Folder and I see that my user (Me) has Read Write access and everyone has No Access. I do a Get Info on a Folder that I can see its content and the permissions are the same (my user (Me) has Read & Write access, everyone has No Access)

Looking for ideas to check as to all the permissions seem to be fine and the same across all folders, but for these two folders there is something else going on. Any help or guidance is appreciated!

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