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why does everybody say "you can't play games on a Mac"?

I do want to buy a new iMac later this year or early next year and I'm curious. I want to play Games, some older (e.g. Gothic 1-3), some newer (e.g. Anno 1800 or Red Dead 2). For that I need Windows – but this should be no Problem with BootCamp – right?

I don't know a thing about different processor chip configurations and so on, but from what I know it seems quit ok, what I can get in an 27" iMac. The same for the RAM. 16GB should be enough and 32GB it will be, if there will be enough money.

But on the graphic card side I have absolutely no clue. What do I need?

I will buy an iMac – that is out of question. But theoretically the basis 27" model would suffice – without the gaming part. So I'm wondering, should I put more money in the iMac or should I buy an extra PC? Because if I buff the iMac to its maximum it will cost around 4000€. The basis model is around 2000€ – for the extra 2000€ I can buy a perfectly fine PC.

I hope somebody could help me with some information about this whole topic. Thank You!

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