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My device has been deleted from Find my iphone

My iphone got stolen. A few days later, i found the location on Find my iphone.

It show the address and everything. I called the police. 20 mins later, one officer call me that they need my ID apple and passwords. i gave it to them without asking.

A few minutes later, my iphone has been deleted from the app Find my Iphone.

I can’t track it anymore. i got an email from Apple support that my Iphone was found this location.

I don’t know if the cops are frauds as I put the lost mode, they can call me from my number ( the theft may call me, tell me that they’re cops in order to get my ID apple)

I don’t know who to ask. The cops aren’t helpful. I know my phone location but unable to get it. Im just a girls, they may have weapons to hurt me! Im so sad

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