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Weird selfies i didn't take appear in my camera roll

Yesterday, i spent the whole night at the hospital taking care of a family member. When i woke up, 3 selfies i obviously didn't take appeared on my camera roll (supposedly taken at midnight – 12:25). FIRST, the selfies were taken in my room (where i was definitely not, during the whole night) and i'm wearing my pajamas (also definitely no). SECOND, they appear in my whatsapp folder, which could only mean two things, either i took the selfies from the whatsapp app (which obviously i didn't since i wasn't in my room nor wearing pajamas) (Also, i deactivated the autosave option) or i saved them (maybe in my sleep) from a whatsapp conversation BUT i checked all my whatsapp conversations there are no such selfies in neither of them. I ran out of options, i have no idea how those random 3 selfies appeared, they don't even show my face just my neck and my chin. They can't be from long ago cause i have a new hair cut, and they were not taken or sent from a whatsapp conversation cause i've REALLY checked. I also checked my deleted pictures and nothing there. Could someone please explain to me what happened!

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