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Macbook Air overheating on Windows 10 bootcamp. Fan Does not work.

Hello. I've 2015 model MacBook Air. My problem is my MacBook overheats on Windows also in MacOS too. I have tried to install an app which allows to control my fan settings manually. I can use this on MacOS but not in the Windows because of different OSs'.

My MacBook does not start exhausting stays 1000to1200 RPM's until CPU/GPU gets 95 degree or above but not fully works It goes maximum 3000rpm not even 6500rpms when gets 110 degree.. It is strange because this is unacceptable. What APPLE wants to do? It makes overheat. And my laptop gonna die soon. I want to change the settings without any app. Like Can I go into bios of MacBook? Because MacBook's components does not support by windows so I have to go into bios and change it to normal temperature values when fan has to start etc.

Is there anyone can help me about this situation? Thanks.

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