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MacBook Pro 2019 Speakers are making pop sounds

Hello everyone,

I know this problem has been reported before but i have a brand new (two months old) BTO 2019 machine and i find it impossible to work like this.

I have a random click – pop sound coming from the right speaker almost every 30 seconds. I have done all the troubleshooting, reset SMC, NVRAM, logged in as a new user, even a disk reset and fresh install. Nothing worked.

This is very easy to replicate. Every time a video starts playing in Vimeo, You Tube or any other platform, a pop is coming through the right speaker. If i place the cursor at any moment of the video, there is always a click sound after loading and just before playback begins.

It happens even if i open a video from my desktop at the time the playback begins.

The problem goes away if i plug in an external audio device or headphones. So it may be related to the internal audio interface, although i can't hear the pop while using the headphones.

I took the machine to an authorised reseller, the tests showed that everything is ok and i just got it back. Apparently it's not ok as i can replicate this at any time (i did this in front of the technicians) and it's really frustrating. My work has to do with audio and i can't deal with this on such an expensive device.

MacBook Pro 2019, i9 2.3, Vega 20, 32GB Ram, MacOs 10.14.6

Any Ideas?

Thanks for your time

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