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Video Editing with a 6-core, 2 graphics card system


This is my first time messing around with video editing on my new MacBook Pro 2019 (6-core, 16 GB RAM). I upgraded from a mid-2014, so it is a massive jump in terms of the processor and graphics card. I did a test render using a 30 second 4k clip and activity monitor showed Adobe Premier Pro using up nearly 1,100% of the CPU to render a simple effect. Is this considered normal for video editing especially for 4k clips? If so, I guess I'm just a bit surprised by how much CPU processing power is needed for such a short clip. I'm not going to be using that many effects in my video projects, but I would like to understand more about what goes on during rendering, if anyone has any experience or knowledge about video editing.Video Editing with a 6-core, 2 graphics card system

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