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FUS: Fast user switching confused by two factor authentication with single Apple ID

We have an iMac, two iPhones, and an iPad. Apple assumes no sharing but I'm technical support at our house we're using one Apple ID to keep everything updated. Some posters have a work & home Apple ID. (Two for one person vs one for two.)

Totally frustrated by this new 64-bit upgrade removing Dashboard, I finally reset all the passwords and iCloud but it continues to demand attention every time we switch back & forth between users? "Enter the password you use to unlock this mac" well there is more than one isn't there and I just did upon switching! The notification wouldn't go away so it sits on top of Safari and any other window if you try to ignore it.

At least now the two iPhones have different names so I know which password it is looking for but this is ridiculous. How many times must I enter more than once password just to switch back and forth between two Mail accounts? Please fix this incorrect assumption. I considered the workaround: give everything the same password but that's a big cyber security no no and we keep getting spammed with "your apple ID has been compromised" phishing attacks as is.

MacOS Catalina 10.15.3

Security is a full time job.

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